Winners of Our Impromptu New-Products Blog Contest! We Wish We Could Pick 22 Winners Instead of Two!

We threw this last-minute new products blog contest to pick your brain on what your fave spring products are. It was hard to choose just two winners, since each and every comment made us crack a huge grin. But since that’s what we initially wrote, we had to stick to the rules.

I myself did notice that a huge trend was writing about the Indelicate Doily Coasters, which made me wonder if you all just looked at the picture above and immediately typed a blurb on that. But I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt because those are secretly one of my favorites as well.

Congrats to the winners:

1. Lucky McGee, Office Speak Pencil Case

Your making-envelopes-out-of-magazines idea made us “ooh” and “aah.” And it would be our pleasure to third-party assist you in your crafty ways. Also, send us that picture of Electric Avenue! It would be so fun to see and share.

2. Janine Kamouh, One Word a Day Journal

Thank you for you anecdote. It was as if we were right there with your family, sitting at the dinner table, listening to you gab on and on. It won’t offend us if you talk about your win for more than two hours each day, but our apologies to your family and friends in advance.

Be on the lookout for more upcoming contests! (Hint, hint: we have a special one coming up next week, so be on the lookout!)