Highlights from Social Media Blackout Day 2014 We Went 24 Hours without Social Media . . . And We Survived

Last week, we caused quite the stir in social-media land. We joined forces with Anti-Social Network Journal author Marc Hartzman to challenge our fans, friends, and the rest of the internet to stay off social media for 24 hours. It was a social experiment in the most virtual sense, and we weren’t sure how many takers would stand with us.

The days leading up to the blackout were seasoned with stories about Social Media Blackout Day on GeekDad, The Well-Appointed Desk, Digiday, Geektime and a mention by Marc on the Huffington Post. Our friends at QuirkBooks also drummed up a list of books to read throughout the big day.

Marvel’s social media manager, Adri, made us laugh out loud as well.

Social Media Blackout Day Funny TweetMany of you pledged and a handful of you challenged your followers too—thank you! Who knows if you all snuck a peek at your notifications, but at least you tried to refrain.

Here are a few highlights from our 24-hours sans social media:

1. One of our fans, Martha, sent us a heartwarming email that we’ve read at least 5 times already because it makes us feel great. Here’s an excerpt:

“I’ve felt the effects (stress, lack of presence, ADD, frustration) of being over-connected for a long time now and it finally led me to leave my business and my line of work (which features being over-connected). I am in the midst of a 6-month sabbatical to refresh myself and reset my priorities.

I’m not sure who came up with this idea at Knock Knock, but I would love to give them a big hug or perhaps a fist bump. I’ve been writing about this issue privately for some time now, trying to both understand and articulate how my life has been affected by technology especially over the last 10 years . . . I know this can sound like a lot of mumbo jumbo, but clearly someone over there cares about the issue and I’d like to thank them for caring and for taking a stand on it.”

2. Christina, aka @RunDisneyBelle, blogged and then vlogged about her experience.


3. People succeeded!

Social Media Blackout Day Tweet Success

Social Media Blackout Day Tweet Success2

4. Others did not.

Social Media Blackout Day Tweet Fail

Social Media Blackout Day Tweet Fail2

5. Other weren’t sure if they were alone in pledging.

Social Media Blackout Day Participant. . . Nope.

Social Media Blackout Day Pledges
Social Media Blackout Day pledges. This pic doesn’t include the pledges we saw on Facebook and Twitter.

Social Media Blackout Day Tweet Technology

Not a bad idea, Sara. Until next year!

How did you do? Would you consider staying off social media for even longer? Tell us in a comment.