Highlights from Social Media Blackout Day 2014 We Went 24 Hours without Social Media . . . And We Survived

Last week, we caused quite the stir in social-media land. We joined forces with Anti-Social Network Journal author Marc Hartzman to challenge our fans, friends, and the rest of the internet to stay off social media for 24 hours. It was a social experiment in the most virtual sense, and we weren’t sure how many takers would stand with us.

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Join Us for Social Media Blackout Day, 10/16/14 24 Hours of Logging Out and Living in Real Life Again

Social Media Blackout Day #SocialMediaBlackoutDay

We now spend at least 1 hour and 7 minutes a day on our social networks—that’s nearly 400 hours each year of our personal time, time that could be spent writing a book, learning to tap dance, or cooking a delightful dinner (without broadcasting it to the entire world). On October 16, 2014, we’re stealing our time back! We’ve joined …

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