If Twitter Shut Down . . . . . . Long Live the Paper Tweet!

Yesterday, the Stop Online Piracy Act and Protect Intellectual Property Act web protests made us think about what life would like be if Facebook, Twitter, WordPress, and our beloved I Can Has Cheezburger? were in jeopardy’s chokehold. It made us glum. Thinking of all the websites, the amount of Social Media Citation Nifty Notes and Tweets & Status Updates for All Occasions that will be left untouched and unused. Sigh.

Then we saw this tweet from an article on the Huffington Post:


Now, that’s not a bad idea. It just made us appreciate our Paper Tweet Nifty Note that much more. Especially these Paper Tweets (we plucked a handful) that we found floating around the interwebs:


Hey @Nrek, we do stuff too!



We agree.



We do like this.






Well said. And in only twenty-one characters.


. . . Made our day.