What In the Hell Should You Get Your Friends? Great (Holiday) Gifts of the Week

The darkness of Black Friday has commenced. If you didn’t break your neck trying to get that new electronic pad, player, puppy, or whatever, we understand (and somewhat applaud you).

Last week, we tackled gift ideas for your family. This week, it’s time to find a present for those select individuals who know you inside and out, who you confide in with your best piece of gossip, who pull your hair back while you’re over the commode during those drunken nights (though this characteristic may be ambiguous). That’s right, your friends.

Spread the gift giving and pick out a present for:

1. The BFFle. What would you do without the best friend(s) in your life? We aren’t too sure either. Sure, they’re loads of fun (even when all you’re doing is watching reruns of bad ‘90s soap operas together), but most of all, they keep you in check. How about nabbing our Bar Bingo for your next dive bar hangout? And be sure to take our Insults & Comebacks (or Pickups & Come-Ons for All Occasions, depends on the night) for exchanging quips. For those besties who are still dating around, our Rate-A-Date Pad is perfect for them. And if either don’t work, give them Vouchers for Friends and they can pick and choose their nonmaterial gifts (because you owe them).

Best friends share insults.


2. The Frenemy. He or she may think it’s a love-hate relationship (but we really know which side you teeter on). Give them a Bitch Citation, What to Wear Pad, or our Hey Asshole Pad. And make sure you laugh uncontrollably (like a madman) when they open their present.

Because our "frenemies" deserve it.


3. The Awkward Acquaintance. You know exactly who we’re talking about. They are the ones that are know you well enough to comfortably “friend them,” but who you’re not sure you should invite to your birthday dinner. If you do feel like you should give them a present, our High Five Nifty Note and array of Simple Stickies (perhaps WTF and Just Sayin’?) should do the trick. Keep it subtle.

Just don't make the gift giving as awkward as this chick's attempt at dancing.


4. The “My Child is My Facebook Picture” Parent. Yes, he or she is your friend and you adore them, but you didn’t want to know about their kid’s weirdly-shaped poo, or that he or she just started eating applesauce (however, that child really is a cutie). Allow them to channel their parenting woes and achievements in our I’m A Parent Journal. Or, present them with our How to Traumatize Your Children book and they can celebrate the emotional distress that will inevitably be handed down to the little ones.

Do ma and pa a solid.