What Are We Thankful For? Happy Thanksgiving, Everyone!

Let us feast.

For those of you who celebrate Thanksgiving, we sincerely hope you’re stuffing your face right now (or using our Cook This Pad and Recipe Notes Stickies to pass along your favorite dishes).

Gosh, we do have heaps to be thankful for. We’re thankful for paper, subtly sarcasm, chocolate, caffeine, the written word, and all of our friends.

And after pondering long and hard, as separate Knock Knock entities, we would like to share what else we’re thankful for:

1. “Company:

I’m grateful for an amazing team who are not only talented and hardworking but also good people.

I’m grateful that we’re making money doing something we love.

Jen’s new glasses.

I’m grateful for the four-day weekend.


I’m grateful that I get to live in such a beautiful place and walk to work.

I’m grateful that I get to snuggle with two dogs every night.

I’m grateful that I have everything I need, if not always everything I want—there are so many who have so very much less.

I’m grateful for my new eyeglasses.” –Jen, head honcho


2. “I am thankful for warm, homemade blankets.” –Chelsea, manufacturing coordinator

So comfortable.


3. “I’m thankful for coffee, mascara, and my DVR.” –Kelly, customer service manager

We bat our lashes for you, mascara.


4. “I’m thankful that I was given a name (thank you, brother and sister) that the Starbucks geniuses can spell. And I’m thankful for these peeps: my “Super Mom” (she’s kinda like Martha Stewart, but without a TV show), my best friend and sister (the reason I have international calling on my phone—she lives in Costa Rica), my super intelligent and gifted-in-every-way niece (I call her “Smush”), the greatest Dad in the world (who just happens to look like Santa), my inspirational sister-in-law and brother (in design and life, they’ve got it together).” –Alexis, graphic designer

Alexis’s family. (And Happy Birthday to the best design dad in the world–Mr. Lowery!)


5. “I’m thankful for water (my favorite drink—I would literally die without it), rum (my second favorite drink—I would literally die without it), and baby monkeys (they instantly make me happy). And family and friends and all that junk.” —Mel, marketing and digital coordinator

How could you not love a baby monkey?


6. White Blood Cells: because they help defend my body against infectious disease and foreign materials. Also, it contains the song ‘Hotel Yorba,’ which seriously kicks ass.” —Brad, senior designer

White blood cells win.


7. “I am thankful for my boyfriend, baby animals, and Xanax.” —Kate, assistant editor

Hooray for Xanax.


8. “I am thankful for the hummingbirds in my yard that I witness every morning feeding on the sage blossoms outside my kitchen window, while making my coffee. They never cease to fascinate me and I am truly astonished each time the light hits their throats and I get a quick flash of metallic crimson.” —Craig, creative director



9. “I’m thankful for lithographic printing, pumpkins, the Tower of Power horn section, the best sales representatives in the entire gift industry, unsweetened iced tea, and safe, comfortable air travel (not necessarily in that order).” —Randy, national sales manager

Tower of Power horn section.


10. “I am forever thankful for the animals. All of ’em. Case in point (see pic), Bogie, my nephew, king of the hill and pack, keeper of the tennis ball. Do we laugh, marvel, or cry?” —Carolyn, VP of Sales

Another excellent day in the life of Bogie.