It’s National Handwriting Day! Is Cursive an Endangered Species?

Today’s National Handwriting Day (and John Hancock’s birthday), so grab a pen and favorite Knock Knock notepad to celebrate!

A short video to celebrate National Handwriting Day.


Appropriately enough, over the weekend, a few friends and I were at a restaurant and tried distracting ourselves from boredom and hunger by comparing our handwriting on a napkin. After a few minutes, we got into this debate on the importance of learning cursive. While a pal and I reminisced about the beauty of our favorite capitalized cursive letters, like the G, F, and Q (because they were oh-so-fun to doodle), our other friends called cursive “useless” and informed me on how states are now phasing it out of elementary curriculum to make room for typing lessons. Needless to say, I tried to hold back my tears.

What do you think? Should kids still learn the art of cursive? Tell us in a comment!