Last-Minute Gift Ideas For Every Love In Your Life Because Diamonds and Roses Are Awfully Trite

Who's your valentine?

Who’s ready for cupcakes iced with heart-shaped sprinkles, catchy crooners on repeat, and pink and red-colored overkill? It’s almost February 14th and whether you love or loathe it, you can’t hide from it. Time’s a-ticking to find amusing gifts for the people you love in your life.

It’s exhausting. We know.

Thankfully we’ve laid out last-minute gift ideas so you can wipe that sweat off your brow. (Yes, you’ve almost got it—a little to the right—there.)

We’ve broken it down by category, so choose your love:

I. Anyone. Sure, you could send out foiled valentines, but our Love Notes Greeting Cards gives off just the right amount of “like” for platonic relationships everywhere. Plus, you can customize each card by checking off exactly how you feel.

Love Notes Greetings Cards for all.



II. Significant other(s). Give a sweet to your sweet with our Proof That I Love You Chocolate Bar or I Love You Very Very Much Chocolate Bar. Didn’t know Knock Knock made chocolate bars? We hope you were sitting down.

They'll see the proof.


Also, our Vouchers for Lovers is the coupon book that keeps giving—twenty times! If you’re strapped for cash, this booklet covers his or her future birthdays for a year or two. (Technically, our Why I Must Have Sex With You Pad is also a gift that keeps giving—sixty times!)

A look into our Vouchers for Lovers (for the romantics).



III. The kids. You would do anything for them, so why not cultivate their creativity? Our I’m An Artist Pad is for the budding Picasso (armed with crayons) and any child that loves to doodle. (PS It’s red, so it’s immediately Valentine’s Day-related.)

Hang their sheets on the fridge when they're finished!



IV. A crush. Isn’t there a common saying that the way to a person’s heart is making him or her slap their knee while laughing up unintended snorts? If so, giving them A Year of Fortunes (Without the Cookies) is a must. We can’t emphasize that enough. With each perforated fortune, they can tear, share, and perhaps write their number on it?

If you want your crush to crack a smile, give him or her this book.



V. Myself. Let’s be real. We knew from the get-go that Carly Simon was singing that song about us. She didn’t have to ask us twice. And we also know you can’t really love anyone until you love yourself (and that you can’t sidestep clichés when you talk about self-worth). So treat yourself with our Self-Help Smorgasbord. It’ll keep you back on track with self-supporting goals that you promised at the beginning of the year. (These were called resolutions, or something like that, right?)

Inside our Self-Help Smorgasbord. Treat yourself.