Ram Sivaraman, Accounting Associate! It’s Our “In It for the Money” Feature!

Taking a break from my busy day for a quick snapshot.

For our weekly “In It for the Money” feature, we’ll be introducing you to the kick-ass Knock Knockers who make everything go, from creative to sales to logistics to . . . everything! Note—everybody answers the first five questions. After that, they have about fifteen wild-card questions from which to choose.

1. Name and title? Ram Sivaraman, accounting associate.

2. Originally from? New Delhi, India.

3. What the hell do you do all day? Well, I call all customers, except customers who make online purchases, and make sure they pay on time. (This is to keep the company’s cash flow healthy.)

4. Favorite thing about working at Knock Knock? The atmosphere and knowing I’m a part of a team who makes sure we grow in product development and in the market place.

5. Favorite hobbies outside work? Sports—I like cricket, tennis, and football. I also enjoy watching movies and listening to music, including rock from the 1960s, disco, R & B, Elvis, and the Beatles.

6. Did your professional life exist before Knock Knock? Yes, for over twenty-five years. I was a consulting controller for small to medium-sized companies within various industries. I also worked for Weyerhaeuser Mortgage Company.

7. Favorite TV show? Seinfeld.

8. Any hidden talents? Singing and impersonating. My best impersonation is of Don Vito Corleone from The Godfather.

9. Hero in life you look up to? Indira Gandhi and John F. Kennedy.

10. What advice would you give your past self? To be more self-confident and do more charity work.

11. Song you would pick as your theme song? “Respect” by Aretha Franklin (although the original song is by Otis Redding).

“Respect” by Aretha Franklin would be my theme song.