Wrapping-up Shark Week Surviving the Treacherous Waters of the Internet

At first we were mildly disturbed by this, but then laughter broke the silence.

The popularity phenomenon around Discovery Channel’s Shark Week is still burning through these last few days. It’s become a challenge to maneuver through social media channels without stumbling on the latest shark-crazed post. Shark Week’s lure has even seeped into the Knock Knock office, with several Knock Knockers sliding into an extensive convo on the so-bad-it’s-good “Sharknado” flick. People just …

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The Clump-o-Lumps Are Now Available! Time to Mix, Match, and Multiply!

Frog-o, Bee-o, Shark-o, Tig-o, Bird-o, and Squid-o are here and ready for shipping! Check out the whole Clump-o-Lump family here and prepare yourself for utter cuteness. And if you haven’t already done so, please Like Clump-o-Lump on Facebook and Follow them on Twitter to get the latest updates on these snuggable creatures! Note: our excitement can’t be contained right now, …

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A Day At the Fair—the International Gift Fair Flotsam and Jetsam

Clump-o-Lump Debut Each year in January, a handful of Knock Knockers head to New York for the New York International Gift Fair (where we have a booth) to introduce and sell our new Spring products to retailers. The show serves as one of our first opportunities to gauge how our new product may fair in the marketplace. It is always …

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