12 GIFs That’ll Make You Want Obama Back (As If You Didn’t Already)

Obama Mic Drop Knock Knock Blog

No matter which side of the aisle you’re on, nobody’s ever going to out-cool Obama. As we ready ourselves for what feels like this administration’s impending apocalypse, let’s take a second to reflect on the White House wonder years with these most Obama-y of Obama moments that remind us what we’re missing about the 44th POTUS.

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Knock Knock Pads Reach Presidential Status As Part of TIME and People’s White House Correspondents Party Gift Bags

Spotted: Our Pack This! Pad in a sea of goodies.

We made it to the White House! (Sort of.) Knock Knock had the honor of contributing two of our classic notepads (Pack This! and All Out Of) to the guests of this year’s TIME and People Pre-White House Correspondents’ Cocktail Party—adding a little wit to the busy lifestyles of the elite.

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Presidential Doodling: LBJ vs. Herbert Hoover

Lyndon Johnson Doodle

Even presidents must doodle–how could you not with all that going on? Here are a few examples from two of our most prolific presidential doodlers: Lyndon Johnson and Herbert Hoover. From the very worthwhile book, Presidential Doodles, by the creators of Cabinet Magazine, published by Basic Books, 2006. LBJ (and above image): Hoover:      

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