Notable Notebook: John Waters

"16 Days," 2003, Courtesy of Marianne Boesky Gallery

16 Days, 2003, Courtesy of Marianne Boesky Gallery Director John Waters maintains a number of daily routines, including using a single 3×5 index card for his daily to-do list. (Above is an artwork comprised of 16 days of cards.) Here’s more fascinating information on his unusual habits from this feature in the Observer by Ariel Leve: Certain things are part …

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Poet William Stafford on Journals, Permission, and “So What Are You Working On These Days?”

William Stafford (1914–1993) was already 48 years old when he published his first book of poems, which went on to win the National Book Award in 1963. Just something to keep in mind. And he had great handwriting, as above. Here are two of his poems that relate to creativity, notebooks, and permission: What’s in My Journal Odd things, like …

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RIP Pearl Paint

The iconic art store on Canal Street has closed. Think of all of the creative ideas and artworks that have come from items bought there over the years. Kind of impossible to fathom. Here are six New York artist reflections on how the store shaped their work. Photo courtesy of Pearl Paint.

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