The Limerick to Trump All Limericks By Our Head Honcho Herself

A month or so ago, we promised the 10,000th FOKKer that they would could pick any topic (any at all) and our head honcho, Jen, would write an impromptu limerick on it. This was mainly because we wanted to make use of Jen’s off-the-wall talent of coming up with limericks at the drop of a dime (but also because poems are cool).

Our 10,000th FOKKer, Roxanne DeBord (who runs a lovely parenting blog, Children Teaching Mama), chose “Baby Brain” as her topic:

“I am so sorry for the delay in writing. I could have sworn I wrote you back and it just dawned on me that maybe, just maybe I never did. =/ It is the inspiration behind the topic I chose for the limerick: Baby Brain (after having a baby, you lose the ability to remember just about anything—from where you put the car keys to what you ate for breakfast. You also think you’ve sent emails when you haven’t, apparently).”

So Roxanne (and world), here you go:

Baby Brain by Jen Bilik

When a FOKKer finds herself knocked up

From an all-too-glorious evening of shtup

She’ll say “Holy Maria!

I had no idea

That my brain would turn utterly to mush!”