The Presidential List of “Guy’s Guy” Stuff Top Picks From Top Knock Knockers

We’re ready to look outward during this tenth year and beyond, however, let’s not forget the leaders who have been the solid foundation of Knock Knock for quite some time—and their inherent solid taste. Infectious positivity radiates from Jim, our president, on a daily basis. So much so that you probably won’t even need a cup of coffee after being in his presence. Here are his pick of items that shape him into the “guy’s guy” we all gravitate toward.

Writing this post for “guy’s guy” stuff, has made me realize how great and yet how simple my life truly is. It revolves around a few things that I love the most: family, sports, friends, and my barbecue! Those four simple things put a smile on my face and keep me grounded.

So what are those products that I cherish most and keep me engaged and enthused with “guy’s guy” stuff?

1. In my life, first and foremost is family. I love playing golf with my two boys, Jake (six years old) and Zach (five years old). I grew up playing golf with my grandfather and my dad, and have some amazing memories of which I want to pass along and create with my own boys. We like to play out in Palm Springs, go to the driving range, and also play on our local Par 3 course not too far from our home. They both have great swings and definitely needed their own set of clubs!

Golf clubs, a must!


2. So I do love to play golf, but to try and stay in shape, I like to jog. One of my favorite Knock Knock products is the Health Life Log, where I can track all of my runs, my distances, times, and write comments on how I felt during the run. I know nowadays it’s old school to actually write these things down, but I find it very rewarding and therapeutic to complete this log right after I’ve finished my run.

My Health Life Log


3. Staying true to the sports theme, I am a huge sports fan and basically will participate whenever possible or watch almost any sport on TV. I’m so bad that even when I travel to China I’ll get caught up in watching table tennis or cricket—sports that I typically don’t have much interest in, but it’s on and I’ll watch it. Also, I am an alumnus from Michigan State University and love to show off my Spartan pride to my neighbors.

My Spartan flag hangs proudly.

Funny story: so after I moved in a few years ago, I hung my Michigan State flag on our house right away. Clearly I didn’t know my neighbors well until after a few months. Then one day I was out front cutting my grass (yes, I actually do this) and two of my neighbors came up to me asking about my flag. They didn’t know what team it represented and thought it was Stanford, only without the right school colors—total rookies! I was appalled, but had a good laugh with them. Nothing like being a Midwest transplant and living between USC and UCLA neighbors! Go Green!


4. One of my annual rites of passage is a “John Doe bachelor party” to Vegas with some of my high school buddies. We’ve been doing this for twenty years now, and every year it gets better and better. There’s nothing like reliving your high school and college days with good friends and a few (or many more) brews. I like to bring Knock Knock care packages for these guys and here’s is what I brought this past year:

This is just some classic Knock Knock product that has these guys cracking up and are usually a good foray into a couple of good stories.


5. Additionally, I don’t really like to cook but I do love to barbecue. At my house, the barbeque area is my own oasis where I have a barbecue, a flat top grill, a sink, and yes, a fridge. So that’s why I like to barbecue so much—there’s an endless supply of cold beverages literally right at my fingertips! I barbecue about three times a week, sometimes more, especially in the summer months. I also keep my handy Recipe Notes Sticky Notes in my barbecue drawer, so I can jot down cooking times or changes to a marinade, etc.

My oasis.


6. Last but not least, I did mention that family is very important to me. So, to keep the goodwill flowing and to try to pitch in where I can, I have the trusty Things To Do Around the House Pad on my fridge so it’s easy access for my wife.

It’s usually filled-in, so not sure what’s up with that, but this pad keeps the harmony in the home!