“Three Day Weekend”: A Toast To A Much-Needed Vacation Google Roulette Mondays

Even though we really wanted to, we did not manage to watch this movie over the three-day weekend.

Without chance, the world would just be boring. And without Google Roulette Mondays, in which we put a chosen word into Google Images to see what comes up first, frivolity would have no meaning.

FYI: Contrary to the above, it is Tuesday, not Monday. That’s right. And Wednesday will feel like Tuesday, and so on, with that pleasant four-day-week-it’s-going-so-fast glow, tempered by the anxiety of those who have no idea how they’re going to get it all done in time.

We’re lucky to have a three-day weekend (hooray for employment! crap that it’s already over!)—hence our chosen phrase for today.

The first image is a cartoon that first made us scratch our heads, second prompted us to wonder whether it was anti-Semitic, and third made us want to go skydiving at some point.

The second image revealed that 3-Day Weekend is the title of a low-budget gay feature. Who would have thunk it? It’s not clear whether it’s pornographic (and we didn’t watch it). It’s not rated and there’s a narrative storyline (it’s a drama), but in the list of IMDB “plot keywords” (a feature we’d never explored before), the first is “male frontal nudity.” Which we think more films should have. You’re probably wondering what the other keywords are. Here you go:

  • Male Frontal Nudity
  • Rural Setting
  • Jealousy
  • Kiss
  • Hot Tub
  • Male Rear Nudity (why is this one sixth?)
  • Gay Relationship (so, male frontal nudity trumps the actual relationships? Maybe it is porn . . .)
  • Gay Kiss
  • Three-Word Title (wow, that’s a fascinating category)
  • Breakup
  • Rent Boy (that’s an unsarcastic fascinating category—what are they, and how can we get one? because it’s a boy that pays your rent for you, right?)
  • Ménage à Trois
  • House Party
  • Group of Friends
  • Yoga Instructor
  • Gay Lead Character (come on—this far down?)
  • Kissing
  • Gay Couple
  • Cabin
  • Cabin In The Woods
  • Marijuana
  • Reference to MacGyver (okay, now we kinda want to see it)
  • Gay Interest
  • Infidelity
  • Massage

If it were a porno, the title would more likely be 3-Way Weekend. Which, it turns out, is a (probably very high-quality) romance ebook as well as a mysterious movie. But our new as-yet-unwatched favorite, 3-Day Weekend, according to its DVD cover, has “LOTS OF SEX AND DRAMA!” (caps and exclamation point theirs). Plus lots of kudos from gay and lesbian film festivals, and the suggestive tagline “Start packing.” Hell, if we’d known about the movie before the three-day weekend ended, we might actually have watched it.