What the Hell Should I Get My Lover? Great (Holiday) Gifts of the Week

Finding the perfect gift for your flame can be a trying time. Questions like, “Will they really like it?” “Will they even use it?” or “Will I get in trouble for giving this?” flutter around your brain.

But calm those nerves—we have ideas for you*, no matter what kind of relationship you’re in right now:

1. The Too-Shy-to-Tell-Them Crush. Even if it’s your longtime best friend or that person you’ve never uttered a word to (but have admired from afar), why not drop him or her a little clue? To embarrassingly quote Love Actually, “If you can’t say it at Christmas, when can you?” (Really now, you could say it on February 14, or just any day in general.) Nevertheless, present your crush with our Slang Flashcards to break the monotony (or the ice)—they’ll appreciate the hearty laughs. And if you want to be more “forward,” give them our Sweet Nothing Sticky Notes (be sure to fill out your own note for them). And once you’re at ease, your heart will speak for itself.

Tell him or her how you feel this holiday season with our Sweet Nothing Sticky Note.


2. The Friend with Benefits. Sure, it’s all physical, and nothing more—but you still feel like you have to put in more effort than just picking up a random gift card at the grocery store. Nothing’s more direct or straightforward with expressing your feelings than our Why I Must Have Sex With You Pad and our 100 Quickies. We’re sure both of you won’t even waste any time getting down to the benefits.

Get down to the point with our Why I Must Have Sex With You Pad.


3. The This-is-Serious-but-I’m Still-Not-Sure-if-You’re-Marriage-Material Boyfriend or Girlfriend. You aren’t ready to take the plunge yet, which is totally fine. Instead of a ring, why not get your lover our Vouchers for Lovers? Let your partner pick and choose your signs of affections for you (and you don’t have to think about it—it’s a win-win). You can also throw in a True Love Medal, which would sit nicely next to their framed picture of you both. Adorable.

Get your boyfriend or girlfriend Vouchers for Lovers and not a case of silverware.


4. Your Other Half. You’ve been together for so long that you’ve probably already picked out their present at this point (only 20 days until Christmas Day, peeps). But here’s an idea for those of you still in need of a scapegoat: tie a ribbon around our Things You Must Do To Make Me Happy Pad or Things You Do That Really Piss Me Off Pad (or both). Your lover can happily check away their feelings. Or, if they’re a big dreamer, you can also give them our Idea Log, to show them that you support their plans in the long run (cause you’re in it for the long run—clever, right?).

Make sure you keep your soul mate satisfied with our Things You Must Do to Make Me Happy Pad.


* It’s now free shipping for orders over $35 (which pertains to customers shipping to and within the U.S., excluding Hawaii and Alaska—sorry, dudes).