What’s the Best Cereal of All Time? Tell Us to Win a "Deck-out Your Desk" Kit!

Cereal is the tasty breakfast juggernaut that’s been a cultural obsession even before sliced bread (take that, cats in bread!). It’s slowly evolved into a meal we’d eat at any time of the day, and has reduced prepping “brinner” (breakfast + dinner) time to roughly five seconds!

Our Foldout History of Cereal book chronicles the fun and frivolous factoids behind our favorite cereal brands, and features thoroughly researched tidbits good enough to eat. These atypical facts answer questions like, “Which brand almost made Elmo the Elephant their mascot,” “How and when did marshmallows get into the mix,” and “What the hell are puffing guns?” It’s certainly a mini coffee table gem that can also sit kindly on the breakfast table.

This lineup of cereal was originally for a photoshoot back in January. Our editor at large, Jamie, and managing editor, Erin, had to choose the best-looking piece of each cereal to be photographed. Afterward, the rest of us ate breakfast at the offce for a few months.


Giveaway: What’s the Best Cereal of All Time? Giveaway is now closed.

So as you can tell, we’re really into cereal. Don’t you love it when you eat a bowl of your favorite sweetened grains, and you’re mentally transported back to the days of bumming on the couch, watching Saturday morning cartoons without a care in the world? Oh, to relive last weekend.

We want to find out what your favorite cereal is, so enter our “Best Cereal of All Time” giveaway. Follow the rules below to enter, and one winner will be selected at random to win a “Deck-out Your Desk Kit.” This kit features:

Get Crap Done Pen

Hand-Lettered 5 Days a Week Paper Mousepad

You Are Here Bookmark Pad

OMG Sticky Note

Underwhelmed Task Clips

To enter:

  1. Read this giveaway’s Official Rules page.
  2. Write a comment in this blog post that tells us what your favorite breakfast cereal of all time is. Or email your entry to blog@knockknockstuff.com with “Best Cereal of All Time Giveaway” as your subject line. You’ll receive one entry per comment per day regardless of method.
  3. The winner will be selected at random, using Random.org.

The giveaway starts today and will end Wednesday, August 29 at 11:59 PT.

May the best cereal win!