Why Not Take A Leap On Leap Day? Metaphorically, Not Literally

The Knock Knock team can firmly agree there aren’t enough hours in a day. Thank god leap day is tomorrow. That means we have an extra twenty-four hours to play with.

Leap day is like a second-hand New Year in an offbeat way. If your routine has started to feel monotonous, why not use the day to refresh and start a project you’ve placed on the backburner? Or why not tap the frontiers of local places you’ve never trekked to before?

Here are some ideas if you’re having a creative dry spell:

1.  Write something—anything! We know National Writing Month is November, but penning a novel is evergreen. You can try Nanowrimo.com to start planning and tracking your story, or Figment.com to compose pieces of any length, including poetry and short stories. The latter site connects you with other writers and authors so you can share and receive sound feedback if you’d like.

For a physical writing playground, use the Ideas Kraft Journal.

Get your figment on.


2. Do a good deed. You get one point if the deed is for others and two points if it’s for you. It’s cliché, but paying it forward does have its intrinsic rewards, like, say, not being a complete asshole? Dailyfeats.com is a win for keeping track of your positive actions, and it doesn’t hurt that the site extrinsically rewards you for your efforts as well. Score.

For even more self-help, use The Self-Help Smorgasbord.

Complete a feat.


3. Cook or bake something you can’t even pronounce. Whether it’s a success or a compete failure, it’ll be an awakening for your taste buds. Other than the standard Allrecipes.com and Simplyrecipes.com, try perusing Thekitchn.com for meal ideas and Smittenkitchen.com for cavity-inducing treats.

For assistance in the kitchen, use the Cook This! Pad.

Feed yourself.


4. Get crafty. DIY projects are just plain fun. There’s no other explanation. If you want to revamp a garment that’s been gathering dust in your closet or you want to reorganize your space MacGyver-style, try Designsponge.com’s DIY section. Each project is broken down according to cost and difficulty so you know what you’re getting into before you jump in.

For a smart DIY companion, use the Idea Life Log.

Do something.


5. Travel somewhere, anywhere. Only skip the darkened alleys and unnerving prisons. A good way to explore your locale would be to go Geocaching, which is, according to Geocaching.com, a “real-world, outdoor treasure hunting game using GPS-enabled devices.” This is the perfect opportunity to gather some friends and fulfill your childhood dream of reenacting The Goonies.

For planning your getaways, use the Travel Life Log and Pack This! Pad.

Find some treasure.

There are a plethora of sites like the ones listed above. What’s your favorite project-inspiration site? Tell us in a comment!