And the Winner Is . . . The Results of our Blog Sticky Note Contest!

Top: Our ballots. Bottom: Designer Alexis choosing her favorites (note the savvy hand placement, preventing others from eaveslooking).

First we’d like to thank the Academy. But a close second goes out to every single Knock Knock fan who submitted an idea. Like your kindergarten teacher said,  you’re all winners in our book. (Take note: that’s how you get at least two clichés in one short paragraph.)

This was the first time we reached out to civilians for creative fodder, and it proved much harder than we’d anticipated to select the winning concept. We decided to let democracy rule: we took an all-company vote (incentivized with milk and cookies) for the top three. After putting everything in an Excel spreadsheet to calculate the exact mathematical rankings, the idea with the highest average won.

Drumroll . . .


The winner of our Sticky Note contest is . . .

Rebecca Osmolski!

Here’s her idea:

Title: Seriously?

Rebecca’s Description: Along the lines of the WTF and DUH Sticky Notes, you could have one that says “SERIOUSLY” (all caps or not, I don’t think it matters). I say that word all the time, whether as a question of “Why would you do that?” (“Seriously?”) or like “WTF” (“Seriously?!?”), or even when you’re just downright serious (“Seriously!”). This sticky note would be perfect for all occasions!

Please note that there were two ideas similar to the Rebacca’s: “SRSLY?” and “Seriously?” Regarding the first, our team opted for the spelled-out version instead. And the latter’s entry didn’t include a description, so according to the rules it was disqualified.


Second place goes to . . .

Katharine Chen!

Title: I’ve Borrowed . . .

Katharine’s Description: Have it say “Thank you, I’ve Borrowed . . .” and have checkboxes next to standard office supplies, like pencil, pen, lunch money, stapler, tape gun, umbrella, chair, highlighter, ruler, scissors.


Third place goes to . . .

Danielle Howland!

Title: Parents’ notes to kids

Danielle’s Description: Preschool and school-age sticky notes for lunchboxes or agendas. I am a mom who’s always writing on little blank sticky notes and surprising my kids in their lunchboxes or agendas. This would be a quick way to do so, with notes such as: “I love you,” “Have a great day,” “I know you’ll do great on your test,” “I’ll pick you up,” “I’ll be picking you up early,” and “Remember to go home with _________ .”


Although the above winners will receive tangible prizes, we do have a few honorable mentions that we’d like to acknowledge with virtual high-fives:

Congrats to our winners: Rebecca, Katharine, and Danielle!

1. Kristen’s idea came in fourth (Kristen, we appreciated your doodles!):

Title: Doodle Here

Kristen’s Description: A sticky note that looks like the back of an envelope. Because who hasn’t doodled on the back on an envelope when talking on the phone?

2. Angela Marron’s idea came in fifth (and Angela, your voice is oh-so Knock Knock):

Title: The Deets

Angela’s Description: With checkboxes for importance and a box at the bottom for “More Deets to Follow.” This is born out of watching kids’ shows and hearing the phrase, “I’ll text you with the ‘deets'” ten times a day.


And lastly, a few entries went above and beyond what we asked for—they designed prototypes! God, you’re all so cool.

1. Janine Kamouh’s idea

Title: Operation Dessert Storm

Janine’s Description: This is a fun sticky note for work or home when you get a late-night craving and want to summon a roommate in a funny way. My younger sister and I have been referring to our late-night snack runs as Operation Dessert Storm for years. It’s time the rest of the world got in on the mission! Sweets evoke a battle of willpower. Let the war begin!


2. Laura Stewart’s idea

Title: Make Up Your Mind


3. Nicki Pepple’s idea

Title:  Day Drinking?


4. Nicole Boesen Myszka’s idea (note: this was Paco and Maisie’s favorite, though they didn’t see the necessity for it because they think it should be patently clear)

Title: My Dog Thinks


5. Nikki Brown’s idea

Title: You Forgot


Yo. Thank you, all. This was an amazingly fun project for us folks at Knock Knock. We hope you all had fun, too. Congrats to all of the winners—we’ll be in touch soon!