Q&A with Artist and Gummy Bear Savant Dan Golden

Dan Golden - Knock Knock Blog
Meet Dan Golden—artist, award-winning eater, and lover of gummy bears.
(FYI he illustrated those pillows.)

In terms of wit, humor, and creativity, Knock Knock has met its match in Dan Golden—artist, designer, and wearer of awesomely-knitted fisherman beanies.* Dan’s vast repertoire of work strikes a welcomed balance between contemporary, polished sophistication and quirky commentary. Read more about The Gummy Bear Book and Sorry I Farted and 24 Other Apology Postcards author, Dan Golden, in this Q&A!

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Here’s How to Get Out of Your Current Funk Right Now


When you lose your lover, your job, your lease or even just feel stuck in a rut, it can be hard to see the positive side and get your groove back. Rather than talking, talking and talking some more, the best way to scoot your blues to the curb is to take action. After all, action quiets the mind and kick-starts a new, uplifting chain of events. So shake off that funk by taking on small but mighty challenges. It’ll help turn your adversity into awesomeness.

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11 Times Teachers Made Us Laugh Our Asses Off

Funny Teachers - Knock Knock Blog

Class is back in session! While most students get their back-to-school groove on, let’s not forget the awesome, badass educators out there who inspire us and demand your respect—especially these teachers, who all have A+ senses of humor and deserve a Why You’re the Best Teacher Ever gift book.

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