Today’s National High-Five Day! Share Your High-Five Pic to Benefit Cancer Research

Today’s National High Five Day! You probably know that we take our high-fives very seriously at Knock Knock (we created products inspired by the gesture, after all). So this year we’re participating in an in-office and virtual high-five-a-thon to benefit cancer research—and our head honcho is PUMPED. Watch the video above for proof. Think you can surpass our head honcho’s …

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Cycling for a Cure Telling Cancer WTF Mile after Mile

Allie Scott during treatment. Her mom said no matter what treatment she had, Allie was always such a happy baby.

When I was a junior in high school, I met a woman that had a greater impact on me than I ever could’ve imagined. Her name is Jenny Scott. She visited my French class to share the worst moment of her life: the day she lost her 8-month-old daughter to Leukemia. At the end of her heartbreaking story, Mrs. Scott …

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