Today’s National High-Five Day! Share Your High-Five Pic to Benefit Cancer Research

Today’s National High Five Day! You probably know that we take our high-fives very seriously at Knock Knock (we created products inspired by the gesture, after all). So this year we’re participating in an in-office and virtual high-five-a-thon to benefit cancer research—and our head honcho is PUMPED. Watch the video above for proof.

Think you can surpass our head honcho’s high-fiving skills? Here are a few ways you can participate in today’s high-five holiday and help us raise dollars for cancer research:

1. “Get Social” with us! We’ll donate $1 in your name to the Knock Knock high-five-a-thon team page if you “Share” a photo with us of yourself high-fiving someone. Or a pet. Or perhaps a tree:

2. Enter The National High Five Project’s Livestream Photo Contest here. Take a pic or video of yourself celebrating National High Five Day and Tweet, Instagram, Vine, and Google + it using hashtag it #MyNH5D and #KnockKnockStuff. Winners will get this high-five prize pack!

Be sure to follow our social feeds, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, for high-fives captured around the Knock Knock office. Happy high-fiving!

Jim and Erin - Knock Knock Celebrates High Five Day
Jim, our president, and Erin, our manufacturing coordinator are ready for high-five day (and new fall catalogs, perhaps?)!


  1. Always. ALWAYS. Watch their elbow. You’ll never miss <3 Good job, Jen.

    — Jennifer on
  2. Always ALWAYS watch their elbow. You’ll never miss. <3 Good job, Jen!

    — Jennifer on

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