Spotted: I’m Kind of Awesome Mini Inner-Truth™ Journals at Variety Magazine’s Power of Women Event We Believe in the Power of Women!


Knock Knock was invited to contribute to Variety magazine’s 2016 Power of Women gift bags—and we knew just the item to send: our I’m Kind of Awesome Mini Inner-Truth® Journal! Featuring quotes from great thinkers throughout history, this title prompts the journal writer to embrace and express their awesomeness.

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Charity Starts with a Puppy Head Honcho Hello for June 2012

On May 28, I welcomed my first foster dog into my (and Paco’s) home. Charlotte is a sweet, well-tempered twelve-week-old shepherd mix (because all mutts up for adoption are either lab mixes, shepherd mixes, or pit mixes, sometimes with mention of chow thrown in for exoticism). She is very, very cute. Paco does not like her at all. It’s been …

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