15 Made-Up Words Everyone Should Start Using From “The Made-Up Words Project” by Rinee Shah

Mogolorified - The Made-Up Words Project
Mogolorified: (adjective) Extremely drunk. "He brought a flask of whiskey into the theater and was mogolorified by the time the movie ended." —Submitted by Conal O. (Howth, Dublin, Ireland)

We’re loving the hilarious (and useful) phrases in The Made-Up Words Project by Rinee Shah—a collection of 100 made-up words and phrases crowd-sourced from real-life families and friends around the world. Check out a handful of our favorites in this post!

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Meet Rinee Shah! Creator and Illustrator of The Made-Up Words Project

Rinee Shah

Illustrator and art director Rinee Shah created The Made-Up Words Project based on her popular project and website of the same name. It’s a collection of 100 unique and silly phrases crowd-sourced from real families around the globe—like sticking your cold feet under someone’s butt on the couch (“nurdeling”).Read more about Rinee—including how she came up with The Made-Up Words Project, her hobbies, and a certain need-to-know factoid—in this Q&A!

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The Made-Up Words Project Is Going to Be a Book! Submit Your Own Made-Up Word

The Made-Up Words Project

A really fun announcement for all the wordsmiths and language-loving people out there (most of you reading this): Illustrator Rinee Shah’s Made-Up Words Project will be coming at you in book form next spring! Plus, we’re publishing it! (Don’t even care that we used double the exclamation marks.) If you’ve never heard of the Made-Up Words Project, join the folks …

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