The Knock Knock “Time-Out” Box Knock Knocker Shenanigans

Chelsea is in "time-out." (We won't disclose what her crime was.)

We’ve had this ginormous box in the kitchen for the past two weeks. It housed a top-secret project that we’ll be sure to unveil with you when the time is right. Nevertheless, we decided to utilize the space and make it the “time-out” box for delinquents in the office. For instance, if you forgot to eat your lunch because you’ve been working so hard—get in the box. If you’ve made a terrible pun—get in the box. If you’re caught listening to Creed—get in the box.

It’s worked out well so far, we must say.

Well, the above wasn’t exactly true (maybe just the Creed part). But this is the most we’ve been amused with a box . . . probably ever.

Alexis wanted remind you all that we do ship overseas.