A Poopy Cup of Joe Would You Ever Drink This Type of Coffee?

The civet and its marvelous dung.

Happy Monday, guys! Let’s start this week off with foodie talk: have any of you tried kopi luwak (also known as civet coffee)? According to the New York Times, it’s one of the most expensive coffee beans in existence, costing roughly hundreds of dollars a pound and about $30 per cup. Since some of us are avid coffee drinkers here at Knock Knock, this intrigued us.

So, what makes it so delightfully pricey?

Farmers feed civets, a nocturnal animal mostly found in Southeast Asia, coffee cherries. (The civet looks like a cross between a raccoon, badger, and cat—sounds like a neat creature, right?) The indigestible parts of the fruit pass through the civet, fermenting the bean in the process. Workers then have to pick out the coffee beans from the feces. (Talk about a shitty job.) In this article, suggested by our own writer and editor Jamie, the brew is described as “smooth, chocolaty and devoid of any bitter aftertaste.” Therefore, it truly is turning crap into gold.

Coffee lovers out there: if you’ve tasted this rare form of caffeine, tell us, was it worth the dough?