Craig’s Culinary Classics! Top Picks From Top Knock Knockers

While we’re revved up and ready to look outward during this tenth year and beyond, let’s not forget the leaders who have been the solid foundation of Knock Knock for quite some time—and their inherent solid taste. So, in celebration of our anniversary, we’re looking inward at our executive team and spotlighting favorite items on their product palette. First up: …

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What Was Your Spelling Bee Word? Enter our Knock Knock Spelling Bee Giveaway!

“Best of the Bee” from ESPN.   This contest is now closed. Today kicks off the preliminary round of the Scripps National Spelling Bee—a.k.a. the annual competition starring kids who make us feel like our prepubescent years were filled with intellect and memory comparable to that of a tree branch. Still, who isn’t a fan of all the obscure and …

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A Poopy Cup of Joe Would You Ever Drink This Type of Coffee?

The civet and its marvelous dung.

Happy Monday, guys! Let’s start this week off with foodie talk: have any of you tried kopi luwak (also known as civet coffee)? According to the New York Times, it’s one of the most expensive coffee beans in existence, costing roughly hundreds of dollars a pound and about $30 per cup. Since some of us are avid coffee drinkers here …

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$11 Knock Knock Products For 11/11/11 The Mayans Didn’t Say Today’s The End of the World, Right?

Our most popular $11 item: Flashcards. Slang, Foodie, Parenting, and Corporate.

First and foremost, it’s Veteran’s Day, so we’re keeping the soldiers in our minds. (We were also going to say hearts, but didn’t want to come off as too cheeseball on a Friday.) Furthermore, there’s so much going on today elsewhere, we feel like we should have that “How Bizarre” by OMC song on blast. According to this Washington Post …

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Rex Roberts, E-commerce Manager! It’s Our “In It for the Money” Feature!

This is usually what I'm thinking about while I work.

For our weekly “In It for the Money” feature, we’ll be introducing you to the kick-ass Knock Knockers who make everything go, from creative to sales to logistics to . . . everything! Note—everybody answers the first five questions. After that, they have about fifteen wild-card questions from which to choose. 1. Name and title? Rex Roberts, e-commerce manager. 2. Originally …

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