What Do You Love About Your Other Half? Great Gift of the Week

Shakespeare may have written the most romantic stanzas to date, but you’re the only person who can pen how much you swoon when your beau remembers to DVR your favorite show twelve minutes before it starts. Now that’s true love.

Make Valentine’s Day (and really, any day) extra special by giving your sweetheart the What I Love About You journal. This mini journal contains fill-in-the-blank lines for you to scribble some aspect of your affection for your beloved—so be as specific, quirky, or romantic as you like!

Since these babies have already been flying off our virtual shelves (over 17,000 copies already sold, to be exact), we created a video short to express our love (for this item, yes). Prepare to have your heart warmed:

The What I Love About You journal.


So, what do you love about your main squeeze? Tell us in a blog comment!