2014 in Review: Plumb, A Million All Out Of Pads Sold, and LA Weekly Thinks I’m Fascinating Head Honcho Hello for December 2014

Jen Bilik

I’ve always been a fan more of the new year. Not so much New Year’s Eve, which, like Valentine’s Day, is classic over-promise and under-deliver. And I wouldn’t go so far as to pledge my allegiance to “New Year, New You” like the lady mags do, because really, when have you ever gotten to be “new” for real?

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Swiss Miss Loves Fall 2014 Plumb Notebooks

Swiss Miss Loves Plumb
Writes Tina: "This is the most charming notebook I have ever seen. It’s based based on the one Jason Polan uses while moving around and sketching the world. He holds his notebook close to his face when he draws, so he thought it would be appropriate to put eyes on the notebook’s back side. LOVE!"

This was a true treat in our virtual mailbox, after Tina Roth Eisenberg, the trendsetting doyenne of the blog Swiss Miss, received an actual package containing Jason Polan's Observation Notebook in her snail-mailbox.

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