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12 Sweet Things to Say to Your Valentine They’re Better than Saying “I Love You” (Sort of)

Knock Knock - 12 Sweet Things to Say To Your Valentine

Here are 12 fill-in phrases from our Fill in the Love™ Journal seriesWhat I Love about YouWhat I Love about UsWhy I’m Crushing on You, and Why You’re So Hot—to help you express your love to your valentine. Use these lines in cards, as a last line in your sonnet, or perhaps to top off a stanza in a song. These are meant to inspire you—but you can also use these filled-in answers in your own Fill in the Love™ Journal (we won’t tell).

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What I Love about You By Me Inside the Creation of the Fill-in-the-Blank Gift Book

Knock Knock What I Love about You Journal
The "What I Love about You Journal" in its final form.

I got the idea for the What I Love about You Fill in the Love™ Journal from a gift I received several years ago. It’s just a tiny spiral Mead notebook, but it instantly became (and remains) my most prized possession. Maybe on some subconscious level I thought, everyone should know how this feels: to be told in concrete terms …

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A Special Wedding Proposal Inspired By Our Love Journal Fan Features

The cover of Eric's book, inspired by our What I Love about You ournal.

We’ve got butterflies in our stomachs just thinking about the short (and terribly sweet) story we’re about to share. Enayat (who also goes by Eric) may like Knock Knock, but Enayat loves Shadia. He decided to pop the big question a few weeks ago, and was inspired by our top-selling What I Love about You Journal to tell Shadia exactly …

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