Highlights from Our Tenth-Anniversary Bash And "Fun/Functional" Event

We’ve been planning the Knock Knock tenth-anniversary party since approximately forever ago (really, six months at the very least). While we can’t possibly share all the nitty-gritty deets that went into prepping for the party and “Fun/Functional” showcase, you can check out party pics here and see how the hard work paid off. And if you see yourself in a pic, tag yourself, please!

As Jen explained, we didn’t hire a party planner, but we did have the Knock Knock “Ten-Year Team” (“TYT” for short—pronounce it out loud) to setup and ensure everything went smoothly.

Step in TYT’s pre-party shoes for a few moments:

Several days before the party, Chelsea, our manufacturing coordinator, Sara, our e-commerce manager, and Melanie, our marketing and digital coordinator, spent an afternoon in our conference room making thirty paper boutonnières for the team. They made it out of our Why I Must Get Drunk With You Pad, because of its orange color and because it was oh-so appropriate.

Left: Paper flower made out of our Why I Must Get Drunk with You Pad. Right: our production artist, Will, sporting the finished version.


The TYT team and the American Design Club crew started setup at SPACE on Abbot Kinney at 9 a.m. sharp:

Bare brick walls and furniture in plastic wrap. Let's do this!


We used strong, removable double-sided tape to hang up our product signage. They were quite the bitch to peel, but it worked out. From left to right: Jen, head honcho; Sara, e-commerce manager; Mel, marketing and digital coordinator.


Trish suffered from a "taped" leg. (We actually ran out of places to keep tape while we hung signage, so our legs were the only answer.)


At one point Will threw his hands at the heavens because he couldn't take the pressure of hanging a giant January card. Theatrics.


Our publisher, Craig, found the stash of orange bowties for the bartenders and security guards. Craig, orange looks good on you!


Meanwhile, AmDC took care of their showcase room:

Kiel and Annie make sure those Urban Shoe Pots hung from the ceiling just right.


The team displayed around thirty products. Products galore.


It's lookin' good, guys!


We had to somehow manuever the giant plywood piece (that the products sat on) to the second floor, where the party was. Since we couldn’t fit it through the doors or elevator, a number of strong arms actually hoisted it up and over the second-floor railing. We aren’t kidding. Thank you, leverage!

People on Abbot Kinney stopped and stared at our conundrum.


Before we knew it, it was 5 p.m. and though we may or may not have been sticking the last of the product signage on the brick walls, it was nearing game-time. Check our finished SPACE out:

Ready to party. (Photo by Jennifer Fujikawa Photography)


Security guards at the ready, wearing dashing Knock Knock orange bowties. (Photo by Jennifer Fujikawa Photography)


Please enter the “Fun/Functional” showcase room:

"Fun/Functional" products on display. (Photo by Jennifer Fujikawa Photography)


Our head honcho Jen and the American Design Club crew. From left to right: Henry Julier; our head honcho Jen; Sam Cochran; Annie Lenon; Sarah Boatright; Kiel Mead. (Photo by Jennifer Fujikawa Photography)


"Fun/Functional" products on display. (Photo by Jennifer Fujikawa Photography)


"Fun/Functional" products on display. (Photo by Jennifer Fujikawa Photography)


"Fun/Functional" products on display. That's an In-N-Out Qult on the right. We also gave out special tenth-anniversary tote to all attendees. (Photo by Jennifer Fujikawa Photography)


"Fun/Functional" products on display. It's a very romantic thing. (Photo by Jennifer Fujikawa Photography)


Wyatt Little's Urban Shoe Pots. (Photo by Jennifer Fujikawa Photography)


"Fun/Functional" products. (Photo by Jennifer Fujikawa Photography)


We created special cocktails exclusively for the party. They were named after a couple of our products—The Pep Talk and The High Five. Delicious.


Jen giving her speech to a room full of friends, colleagues, and fans of Knock Knock. (Photo by Jennifer Fujikawa Photography)


Knock Knockers in the loung area. From left to right: Jim, president; Craig, publisher; Gil, director of operations and customer service, and Trish, VP of branding. (Photo by Jennifer Fujikawa Photography)


Party mingling. That's our manufacturing director, Elyse, in the middle. (Photo by Jennifer Fujikawa Photography)


More party people. Is that our former designer Alexis (in white) that we see? (Photo by Jennifer Fujikawa Photography)


Our sales associate, Travis, and her boyfriend, Chris, write in the party guestbook. (Photo by Jennifer Fujikawa Photography)


A peek at a few entries from the guestbook. Front: the Knock Knock guest book; Middle: Merritt's rad Knock Knock doodle; Below: Paco?


When the party ended, Knock Knockers and friends helped with the breakdown and took the signage off the walls. And the night was still young . . .

Knock Knockers during mid-breakdown. From left to right: Sara; Dayna, our assistant editor; Melanie; Trish, and Craig.


As our birthday festivities come to a close, we want to thank each and every one of you who helped us celebrate. Here’s to another decade of putting the “fun” in functional!