Knock Knock’s First-Ever Pumpkin Cook-Off Happy Halloween!

Knock Knock Pumpkin Recipes

Halloween—a time for trickery, spooky stories, scary costumes, and best of all—treats! This year we said, “Screw the carving contest” and celebrated Halloween with Knock Knock’s first-ever Pumpkin-Themed Cook-Off! From donuts to ice cream sandwiches, to cocktails, macarons, and quiche (and much more), each participant brought out their inner-chef and PUMPed. IT. UP.

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Vote For Your Favorite Pumpkin Design! Who Will Take The Crown This Year?

Knock Knock Company Pumpkin Carving Contest
The participants, from L to R: Erin, manufacturing coordinator; Jen, head honcho; Jill, marketing assistant; Yamil, customer service specialist; Sara, e-commerce manager; Melanie, marketing and digital coordinator; Chris, publisher’s assistant; and Janet, marketing designer.

You know what they say—another year, another Knock Knock Pumpkin Carving Contest! For the third year in a row, we’ve unleashed our creative cutlery to carve up these jack-'o-lanterns to epic proportions. Vote now for what you think is the best pumpkin creation!

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Vote For Your Favorite Pumpkin Design! Help Us Choose The Best Knock Knocker Pumpkin

The participants, from L to R: Janet, marketing designer; Mel, marketing and digital coordinator; Paul, customer service star; Arnold, publicist; Aimee, graphic designer; Sara, e-commerce manager.

It’s that time of year again—when it begins to get cold everywhere except Los Angeles. Over here at Knock Knock headquarters, the autumnal season means it’s time for our second annual Pumpkin Carving Contest. Last year, pumpkins were carved, painted, and anthropomorphized. The competition was tough, meaning this year our expectations were set even higher. Help us judge the best …

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The Winner of Our Pumpkin Design Contest And Office Bragging Rights Go to . . .

Number four, Los Angeles Dodgers pumpkin by Paul, our assistant manager of customer service and operations.   Paul, the $50 Trader Joe’s gift card is yours! Congratulations. You can now totally rub your win in our faces. To all our friends: We hope you have a safe and (literally) sweet Halloween! Share some candy with us—thanks.

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Which Pumpkin Design is Best? You Decide! Vote for Your Favorite Knock Knocker Pumpkin

We’re a month into fall and our Venice locale’s temperature is dropping to a steady cool. What better time than now to crank up the heat* inside Knock Knock headquarters? We held our own pumpkin-carving contest in the office to really catalyze and foster that competitive edge innate among the Knock Knock team. So several Knock Knockers pushed their sleeves …

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