This Or That? On A Thursday Afternoon Because It’s Technically Almost The Weekend

View from outside our window.

It’s a quiet day at Knock Knock headquarters (every time I write “headquarters,” I feel like a regular gumshoe). But usually when it’s quiet around here (and more so when it’s not), minds are bustling and hustling along. We’re getting ready for the holiday season amid preparing for tradeshows, finishing our Spring 2012 catalog, researching and designing Fall 2012 products, …

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So . . . Are We Hipsters? Things We Ponder On A Thursday Afternoon

Stereotyping is never good. And this is a bit dated, but it's still pretty accurate.

Yesterday, talk of hipsters arose randomly in the editorial aerie (I think we ended the conversation talking about Bob Dylan—known as Robert Zimmerman in his pre-hipster days). The convo reminded me about an instance a month ago, when I was Tweeting with a friend of Knock Knock (I handle all social media outreach at the KK office, so in case …

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The Alleys of Venice It's Our "Welcome to Venice" Feature!

Happy dogs at the intersection of Navarre and Seville Courts (in my Venice mini-neighborhood, the alleys all have regal Spanish names: Cordova, Granada, and Toledo are a few of their alley hermanas).

Note: After approximately 678 words of exposition, there are many cool pictures with descriptive captions below. If you have no desire to read the introductory essay—and believe me, I wouldn’t blame you—just skip down to the pictures. I’d never experienced alleys before I moved to Los Angeles, and to Venice in particular. Right before I landed in LA, in 1998, …

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’Tis the Seasons It’s the Monthly “Head Honcho Hello”!

Sometimes tourists take pictures of these signs—oh, so LA.

Many people think there are no seasons in Los Angeles. The transitions are subtler, of course, and the two yucky ones are infinitely more bearable than those of other climates, but they exist nonetheless. In autumn the air takes a turn toward the crisp and carries the smell of over-eager fireplaces. In winter the light is bluer, rain makes a …

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