RSVP: The Our Precious Pooper Book Shower! Reading & Signing with Author Megan Rubiner Zinn

Our Precious Pooper Book Shower

Those of you in western Massachusetts should stop by the Our Precious Pooper Book Shower in Northampton, featuring a reading and signing with author Megan Rubiner Zinn. Enjoy light snacks, a handful of giveaway prizes, chat about babies and their weirdness, admit your doubts, and buy a journal or two.

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5 Moves to Up Your High Five Game Never Leave Someone Hanging Ever Again

5 Moves to Up Your High Five Game - Knock Knock Blog

You probably did not realize you had a High Five Game. Well, you do. We all do: some have mad skills, other have jack squat. It’s everyone’s innate ability to consistently slap with style and grace. Or, tragically, leave someone hanging. Here are five different spins on the traditional high five you can break out for your next very important greeting.

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Win It: “The High Five Handbook”! The Secret Guide to Shakes, Bumps, Slaps, & Other Gesticulations

The High Five Handbook Giveaway

Sharpen your high-five skills with our newest book, The High Five Handbook: The Secret Guide to Shakes, Bumps, Slaps, & Other Gesticulations, written by the Hand & Knuckle Society, a clandestine group who believes in the power of the pound and the significance of the shake. TAKE THE HIGH FIVE PLEDGE ON FACEBOOK and/or TWITTER TO ENTER.

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Meet Rinee Shah! Creator and Illustrator of The Made-Up Words Project

Rinee Shah

Illustrator and art director Rinee Shah created The Made-Up Words Project based on her popular project and website of the same name. It’s a collection of 100 unique and silly phrases crowd-sourced from real families around the globe—like sticking your cold feet under someone’s butt on the couch (“nurdeling”).Read more about Rinee—including how she came up with The Made-Up Words Project, her hobbies, and a certain need-to-know factoid—in this Q&A!

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Meet Annemarieke Piers and Claudette Halkes! The Ladies of Snor Publishing House

Claudette and Annemarieke

Introducing Annemarieke Piers (left above) and Claudette Halkes (right above)—the dynamic duo behind Snor Publishing House! In case you were wondering, “snor” in Dutch translates to “mustache” in English. Based in Utrecht, Netherlands, they’ve published about 50 titles in seven languages, some of them being memorable Knock Knock titles. Learn more about the leading ladies of Snor with this fun Q&A!

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